Intelligent field sales management of cloud services
Field behavior management
Real-time positioning field personnel,Check the work at any time、The working area,Efficient supervision and employees
Situation,Avoid the employees in the work time“The sheep”,Improve the management level,Drive the team
Through online rate statistics,To determine whether a user online and real time statistics online number,Through the trajectory
Total analysis,Use data to support,Have a reference。
  • Work locus

  • GPSOn inspection

  • Online rate statistics

  • Summary

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Cruise shop management
Based on the visit to eight steps,The salesman to cruise shop process on mobile phones,On sales、Terminal inventory、Shop goods
Rate、Shop goodsSKU、Competing goods、Guest mood, such as data collection and reporting in time,Improve the salesman to visit
Enforced and implementation effect,Real-time control terminal sales management、Inventory、Shop goods such as operation situation。
AIQuickly identify the door first/Display/Pile head of a line,Mining data from a large number of photos,
Save labor and time cost for the enterprise。
  • Terminal to visit

  • Data upload

  • AICommodity image recognition

  • Terminal image acquisition

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Customer management
Build customer information collection、Management、Analysis and use of management system,Employees on a mobile phone upload the details
Thin client data,Enter the customer information database,Leaders from the source to grasp the core of enterprise information,Bao
The customer is no longer lost。
Through intelligent visit template,Create the visit frequency、Visit plan,Set the visit route,Visit to remember
Record the check at any time,Visit analysis of flexible display,Customer call executes standard,Visit there
的,Analysis is the basis。
  • Customer information management

  • Customer visit

  • Call management

  • Customer analysis

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Mobile enters sells saves
Through the purchase order,The query、Inventory、Transfers、Into the/Outbound,Mobile phone orders,Sales delivery,Receipts and payments
Money management,Cover all enters sells saves the management link,To help customers easily achieve sales,To save time again
And effort;Order system and detailed record history,Gross profit is clear,Offline enters sells saves the industry
The standardization of management。
Apply to pick up the goods-Loading pictures-To store sales-Car sales order-Bluetooth print-Back to the library/Inventory,Car sales
In the process of fine management,Greatly improve the efficiency of car sales work,Save manpower cost for the enterprise。
  • Procurement/Inventory/Sales

  • Mobile phone orders

  • Order analysis

  • Car sales

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Clock/Ask for leave/On a business trip/Expenses/Scheduling,Ensure the normal operation of the internal work;Through the task
Pie,The superior dispatching task to subordinates,Junior staff can also create task submitted to the superior,Independent of each other
Message service system,To ensure the safety of the enterprise data at the same time guarantee the subordinate work cohesion tighter
The secret,Job done more efficiently;Through the visual statement analysis,Quick accurate summary attendance data
Real-time inspection,Accounting is based on wage performance。
  • Attendance management

  • Task management

  • Message service

  • Statement analysis

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Mobile office,Anytime and anywhere
iPhone、AndroidAnd computer web pages,Will be able to use their intelligence field

The android mobile phone

Apple mobile phones

Web page version
Wisdom field focus for more than ten industries to provide a solution
The logistics industry
Updated in real time positioning delivery driver location,Ensure the logistics speed。To supervise the salesman to go out to expand channels and the effect of the customer,Improve the business to completion。  
The real estate industry
Specification talk attendance management,Ensure all talk staff quality and saturation,Mobile phone input customer information at any time,Ensure that customer information can be delivered and integrity
The consumer sector
In consumer goods sales situation of each terminal stores were statistically analyzed,Understand the terminal sales channels,Improve the efficiency of circulation of consumer goods  
Safety production management industry
Panoramic perspective company global safe working conditions,Improve the level of construction site safety supervision and earnestly,Discover and eliminate the safety hidden danger in time          
Production of building materials industry
Hierarchical management group, all kinds of information,Ascending group organization structure as well as the flexibility of permissions,Make sales can reasonable to adopt the right follow-up strategy for customers。  
The Internet industry
Combines marketing and offline marketing,Marketing personnel can timely will feedback the question to the manager,Managers can also formulate appropriate marketing strategy in time  
The media industry
Systematic management media scheduling、Customer scheduling,According to the timely replacement of advertising execution time limit,Avoid resource waste and repeat sales,Strengthen the company benefit  
The drug industry
Management of medical representative tour shop replenishment more efficient、Drug marketing,According to the sales provide full-featured statements,Help the sales department to improve sales model and strategies  
Agricultural materials industry
Standardization management dealers、Farmers、ZhongZiZhan terminals, etc,To strengthen the efficiency of information transfer,Precise control of stagnation point salesman work,Improve enterprise core competitiveness
Service industries
Online maintenance plan and distributed according to the staff orientation to the nearest repair order,Reduce the delivery time,Photo upload field repair results,Improving customer satisfaction
Wisdom field focus for more than ten industries to provide a solution
Considerate service、Excellent products、Good reputation、Smooth experience,Worthy of choice
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