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12Focus on plush mascot custom manufacturers

The mascot of customization
The company4The big advantage

Source factory,The real factory with the customer communication

The traditional business model,Trade through layers of agents,Finally reach the consumer,Layer upon layer increase in price。Optimal DE force plush toys:The mascot customized productionMAOPlush toys custom productionPlush dolls customized production,Change the traditional business model,Go to the middle,Talk directly to consumers,Provide consumers with more suitable products and favorable price。

Beautifully designed、Importance、Custom quickly

DE force12Years focused on production of customized high qualityPlush toys,With professional and powerful design and development team、Advanced process equipment、YanJin production management team and quality control center,Each link strict requirements。

Short production cycle,Environmental protection and safety

As a factory strength,Optimal DE force has been continuously updated the most beautiful craft research,The finest quality、The most rapid customization,Each link specification collaboration;Products:The mascot customized productionPlush toys custom productionPlush dolls customized production,Adopt environmental protection material,The indicators、Process conforms to the European and American safety standards。

Sells in distant markets overseas,Many cooperative companies together

Optimal DE force plush toys products are exported to Japan、South Korea、Europe and the United States and other regions,With Meituan、Hungry、58Got home、Market network、Durex、Netease、The net、Sina、Ji hui network has a long-term cooperation。

Case presentation

Case presentation

Custom case
  • Choose style

  • Custom rendering

  • Proofing confirmed

  • Conclude a contract for the custom

  • Orders, production and processing

  • The inspection pay the balance payment

Guangzhou good DE force toys co., LTD


Guangzhou optimal DE force toys co., LTD. Is a mascot r&d customization、Plush toys for processing、Tourism supplies、Fashion boutique、Cartoon garment cloth doll customization, such as research and development、Design、Plate making、The production and processing industry and trade enterprises。Three-dimensional image of the perfect reappearance of the mascots modelling,Exquisite workmanship、Good quality。The core team members are all through the baptism of the international and domestic each big events,Participate in and run multiple product research and development of large project、Market sales。2010In the guangzhou Asian games、2011年西安世界园艺博览会、2012South Korea lishui expo、2013The 13th national games of the People's Republic of China、2013Jinzhou exposition、The ninth garden expo in Beijing、2014Qingdao exposition、Provincial sports meeting and so on,These big events event mascot first version of the mascot design and plate making and sale promotion are the core team members for the first time。

Optimal DE force is currently serving in the strategic cooperation gift enterprises,To provide quality services for them,And for some large brand enterprise(Market network、Meituan、Huawei、China Unico、Wyeth…)Promotional gifts year-round operation of the planning、Research and development and production。To provide customers with a variety of promotional advertising、Business gifts、Expo souvenirs in all major events。

Optimal DE force will continue to exert its advantages and production research and development sales experience,As always to strict management regulations、A high level of design concept、Keep improving the product process、Quality of service quality,For our country various mascot design research and development production of large international event service and cultural gift planning each big enterprise or business unit、Design、Service work to make their due contribution。            

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The cleaning method of plush toys

The cleaning method of plush toys

Coarse salt dry cleaning method first to the market to buy a bag of coarse salt,Came home to find a clean plastic bag,Then take a small amount of salt in the plastic bag,Going to put in cleaning of plush toys,Will the bag mouth fasten,Were swinging up and down。... [More and more]


Common problems

  • What is China's plush toys standard? All countries have their own toy safety standards,The mainly have among them is the international standardISO8124《Toy safety standards》、And in the United StatesASTMF963《Toy safety》、The European UnionEN71《Toy safety》、The standard of our countryGB6675-2003《National toy safety technical specifications》And so on。...
  • What is the mascot? Chinese ancestors created the dragon、Chicken、Kirin etc auspicious birds benevolent,And give them a kind of symbolic content and meaning,To meet the psychological needs of the people to heart,All the folk mascot,The list goes on。...
  • How do plush toys clean? A、Dry cleaning:Prepare the material:Coarse salt、Big plastic bag。Methods:Coarse salt and with dirty plush toy into a big plastic bag,Forcibly tied pocket and shake them,Make a good contact with coarse salt and plush toys surface。You will find that grow black white sea salt,Clean and plush toys will change a lot。...
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