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Taizhou Thai east pump industry co., LTD

    Taizhou Thai east pump industry co., LTD(Taizhou water pump factory)Was built in1958Years(The former belongs to the first machinery industry department appointed),Cover an area of an area7Million square meters,The construction area5Million square meters,Set design、Production、Professional company mainly work on centrifugal pump,Annual output of the pump5Million sets;The products sell well all over the country,Exported to southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries。

   Company existing staff680More than one,Among all kinds of engineering and technical personnel200Name;With a variety of processing equipment150Taiwan(The large and medium-sized equipment80Taiwan,Machining center9Taiwan),Equipment state secondary performance testing center。Companies to establish and perfect the customer as the center of management mode,PassedISO9001Quality、ISO14001The environment、OHSAS18001Occupational health and safety and so on three big management system certification;Has access to the national and industry issued by the industry、The fire、Petroleum chemical industry、In the field of coal mining and other important industrial products production license、CCCChina's national mandatory product certification、CQCEnergy-saving product certification、MAAnn certification such as coal production and business operation qualifications。

   Our main products are:TBLSeries vertical single-stage pump、TBWA series of horizontal single pump、XBDSeries of fire pump、TBDWSeries horizontal multistage centrifugal pump、TBDGSeries horizontal multi-stage boiler feed pump、TBDYSeries horizontal multistage oil transfer pump、TBYPipeline pump series、TBDLSeries vertical multistage pump、TBS/SH/SSeries double suction pump、YXSeries submerged pump、YWSubmerged sewage pump series、TBXYSeries submerged oil transfer pump、WLSeries vertical sewage pump、WGHorizontal sewage pump series、WWHorizontal non-clog wastewater sewage pump series、WQSeries submersible sewage pump、TBWHSeries chemical pump、CBL(W)Series(Lie down)Marine single-stage centrifugal pump、IS/IR/IHSeries of single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump、TBKSeries control cabinet and so on more than 20 series,5000Multiple specifications,Widely used in factories and mines、Petrochemical enterprises、Municipal engineering、Urban construction、The central air conditioning refrigeration cooling water circulation、Urban heating、The fire、Water supply、Sewage treatment、Shipping industry and other industries fluid conveying。

  Adhering to the taizhou Thai east pump industry co., LTD“Customer satisfaction、Sustainable business”The idea of,Wholeheartedly provide you with quality products,Welcome friends from all walks of life come to guidance。


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