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    It was heavy,Focus on heavy machinery10Years,To establish a good reputation in the industry
  • The company covers an area of about70000㎡,About engineering technical staff50People,100Heavy duty nc machining equipment,Heavy machine tool industry well-known enterprises。
  • The research and development of heavy machine tool technology,In the domestic leading position
  • Team engaged in heavy machinery field10Years,For heavy nc machine tool equipment research and development、Design、Working experience in manufacturing has mature technology
  • Within the company and industry research institutes long-term cooperation,For many enterprises at home and abroad to provide quality stability of heavy nc machine tool equipment
  • Companies pay attention to user practice and product research and development,Patents and the r&d achievements
  • Perfect after-sales service,Easy to put you together
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    Professional design team for you to solve equipment design and consulting,Help you save investment cost reduction
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    You delivered to the task,By our professional management team according toISO9001The quality management system,To every detail
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    Skilled after-sales team,Rich experience;Do not rule out of failure,After-sales service from job site
  • Flexible mode of financing,Help your business development;Can according to customer's actual situation,Design the most suitable financing method of payment
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  • It was heavy industry timely delivery,Quality is stable!
  • It was research and development of heavy industry is a heavy duty nc vertical lathe production capacity of large heavy industry enterprises,In a timely manner by the date requested in accordance with the contract、To complete the project quality。We are very satisfied for the cooperation,Hope to have a better development was heavy,The design of the update,We'll continue our cooperation。
  • Work with was heavy,Let us more at ease!
  • And it was heavy industry cooperation,Very happy,To think I looking for your cooperation,I'm worried about,Feel responsibility is very large,Very afraid of leadership is not satisfied with our company,Now our large machining project finished,Everyone has good,Leadership is also satisfied,I were at ease,Thank you it was heavy!
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  • Qingdao was heavy industry machinery co., LTD
  • The company mainly produces heavy duty nc vertical lathe, and to undertake large-scale machining、Large maohan parts business,Is the collection research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of large-scale heavy industry enterprise。Products are widely used in wind power、Nuclear power、Chemical industry、The ship、Airlines、Railway、The traffic、Military industry、Metallurgy、Building materials industry such as mechanical processing and infrastructure construction。The heavy duty nc vertical lathe、The ground boring and milling machine、All equipment such as numerical control planer milling grinding machines。
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    Nc machine tool fault diagnosis principle and the basic requirements
    CNC machine tools,Machine is a kind of high technical content、The electricity、Instrument integration efficient complex automation machine tools,Machine tool in the process of operation,Zero
    Vertical lathe of safety inspection
    1.Equipment inspection   1.1Control handle should be flexible,Turn the control handle“Starting”Position,Should be able to make the clamping
    What are the typical features of heavy duty nc vertical lathe?
    Divided into two types: horizontal and vertical CNC lathe。Horizontal lathe is divided into horizontal guide rail and inclined guide two kinds。High grade CNC sleeping car
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