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Bulletin board

      Tomb-sweeping day will come,And to travel at the peak of the martyrs。For the convenience of citizens to ride,Alleviate traffic,Nanchang jade garden in advance arrange the tombs express car。At the same time,Nanchang jade garden construction of citizens scientific and reasonable arrange time,Encourage the peak travel,Avoid traffic jams,Beware of traffic accidents。
A、Shuttle bus
1、Open time:2018Years4Month5、6、7Day;
2、Departure time:7:00—11:00;
3、Start location:Beside the prosperous north bus station(The bayi bridge station twenty no.6 middle school),Full or walk;
2、Warm prompt
1、Because of the prosperous nine highway construction,Please drive to memorial garden clients arrange travel time and to garden route:1、Chang nine high-speed;2、Chang nine expressway;3、105The road can be arrived at,Not familiar with the route is navigable jade or grace temple garden cemetery park;
2、Jade garden for nanchang ban burning JinFang District,A total ban on fireworks、Fireworks,Burned offerings,Please don't carry the fireworks、Fireworks、Can burn offerings。
3、The park24Hours calls:0791—83061885、83061886
       Hope people sacrifice civilization,Green martyrs,Through an orderly and peaceful qingming festival!

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