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Company profile

Gongyi city song xin industrial co., LTD, supply the filter material sales;Water treatment materials,Equipment,Packing,The filter material:Manganese sandManganese sand filter materials、Manganese sand filter、Anthracite filter material、Quartz sand、Sponge iron filter material(Deoxidizer)、Magnetite、Nut shell filter material、Ceramsite、Biological ceramsite、Biological shale ceramsite、Volcanic rock ceramsite、Zeolite、Activated zeolite、Medical stone、Silicon carbide、Garnet、Bauxite ceramic filter material、Rare earth porcelain sand、The pebbles、The bubble bead filter material(EPSFoamed plastic beads)、Activated carbon、Activated carbon filter material、Water purification activated carbon、Air purification activated carbon、Nut shell activated carbonCoconut shell activated carbonCoal activated carbon、Powdered activated carbon、Columnar activated carbon、The filter headThe filter cap、The filter cap、The drainage cap、QSSoda back flush filter head、The long handle filter headSmall filter head、ABSThe filter head、The filter cap、Stainless steel filter head、BAFThe long handle filter head、Soda back flush filter head、Tunable filter head、Prevent clogging the filter head、The filter head filter plate、Filter plate、Concrete filter plate、ABSFilter plate(Template)、 Inclined tubeInclined tube packingCellular inclined tube、Cellular inclined tube packing、Hexagonal honeycomb inclined tube、Glass fiber reinforced plastic inclined tube、ppEthylene-propylene copolymerization polypropylene inclined tube、pvcInclined tube、Fiber ball、Fiber ball filter material、The modified fiber ball、The fiber bundle、Fiber bundle、The comet type fiber filter material、Water treatment with packing;Polyhedral hollow ball、Liquid surface covering the ball、Soft packing、Semi soft packing、Combined packing、Three-dimensional elastic filler、Pall ring、Ladder ring、Biological floating ball、 Aerator、Tube type aerator、Single-hole membrane aeration device、Hose aerator、Flow aerator、Dynamic aerator、Rotary cut aeration、Corundum aerator、The microporous aerator、 Water treatment with drugs;Chlorine ingot、Algae fungicidal、,Ferrous sulfate、Aluminum sulfate、Polyaluminium chloride、Polyaluminium chloride iron、Alkali aluminum chloride、Polyacrylamide(Cation/Anion)、Sulfonated coal。 The above water treatment products are widely used in small and medium waterworks、Sewage treatment plant、The groundwater in addition to iron/In addition to manganese waterworks、Aquaculture industry、Geothermal well hot spring bath、Power plants、The oil、Chemical industry、Iron and steel、Printing and dyeing、Electrons、Environmental protection equipment and other industries use production and living water and wastewater treatment;Products are widely applied in a single layer、Double layer or multilayer filter,Mechanical filter、Hepa filter、Manganese sand filter、Ion exchanger、Ordinary filter、Gravity valveless filter、Siphon filter device such as a water treatment use。To check the details >>

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